Spring Sprung

I usually plant something on the equinox, but today I didn’t. I stayed inside. No playing in the dirt. It rained and felt cold where I live, and I’m under self-imposed semi-quarantine because of lingering respiratory symptoms and sporadic fevers (but it’s almost gone I think—hoorah!) and general social distancing for us all. When I go to stores for supplies, I wear a mask. I don’t feel very springy.

I’ve seen some pretty cool posts about dolphins reclaiming waters in Italy, and then there have been a lot of Gaia is striking back sentiments floating around too, but neither of those things make me feel very good (okay, maybe the dolphins did) about all the humans suffering and hiding from a new virus. I’m having to dig pretty damn deep this year to connect with Ostara.

Here’s what I know: nothing is forever and everything cycles around. Just like spring comes every year, viral pandemics come around on some schedule of their own (the 100-year notion seems legit enough to me). And I suppose if it’s time for one, then it’s time. And if we have to have a pandemic, then at least let it happen when there are things budding and opening up around us. If this was happening in November, there’d be more death about it than some of us maybe could handle. At least there’ll be flowers.

This year’s equinox seeds are faith. We have to plant faith and confidence and belief that this too shall pass. This isn’t forever. It’s just a season.

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