Glossary of Terms

Astrology: Yes.

Capital F Friends: People you tell the truth to.

Family: A word first hijacked in 1994 when I was 19 by a David Koresh-ish friend who joined the Rainbow Family and came back talking about Babylon and stole my mother’s wedding ring after he got my step-dad high.

Lollapalooza Kids: A subset of Generation X that totally gets Millennial rage but doesn’t really want to hang out with them. We’re in our forties now and devote more brain space to considering the natures and origins of our Friends’ midlife crises than we should–because we’re probably having one of our own and don’t want/are too crazy to deal with it right now. Because we ate all the acid. At Lollapalooza.

Suicide Set: My loves, the ones whose heads tell them to do the worst thing too sometimes.

Tragedy Voice: A special vocal tone and volume my mother defaults to whenever someone has died.

Tribe: Those people you meet whose energy bumps up against yours in a jolt or a punch or a tingle. Not all tribe members are Friends, and most of us belong to more than one tribe.

Ugly Kid, The: That person who the herd is allowed to trample.

Universe, The: Everything.