We Need To Talk March 27, 2020 Runtime: 18:24

Host Angela Denk and Mark Williams, executive producer, talk briefly about the need for open discussion about mental health and illness to kick off the show. Featured music: Heart of Love by indie rock group Forty Piece Choir.

Media Diet: You Are What You Eat April 3, 2020 Runtime: 51:48

Angela and Mark talk about balancing media consumption during times of crisis. How much is too much? How do we filter our consumption? Ideas for living in a media-saturated world when you need to turn it off. Featured music: Float’n by Oliver Spitts, FITCH Team hip hop artist.

Source Links:

The Media Pyramid

Jan. 2018 Time Magazine on News Consumption

Study on Impact of Stress on Human Immune System

How Much News Is Too Much News?

Psychological Effects of News (Graham Davey)

The One With Maureen April 17, 2020 Runtime: 1:09:58

Maureen Herman—writer and musician—talks about the need for access to mental health treatment, her experiences with addiction and trauma, and why she never called herself a riot grrrl. Featured music: front porch swamp blues from Chris LeBlanc and friends.

As the Panic Flies May 1, 2020 Runtime: 1:02:42

Artist Diana Gonzalez, creative force behind As the Crow Flies Studio, talks about traveling the renaissance faire circuit, creating art, and steps she takes to stop panic attacks when she’s able. Featured music: Hadas by Focosonoro.